Find the best Clash of Clans army compositions for your attacks and copy them in the game with a link

Ballons AQH

5x Healer
20x Ballon
2x Lava hound
1x Stone Slammer
1x Baby Dragon
12x Minion
8x Wall Breaker

How to: Classic AQH (Archer Queen with healers) / Ballons

Electro Dragon

8x Ballon
8x Electro Dragon
1x Stone Slammer

How to: Electro dragon, no brain attack strategy

Zap Witch Army Composition Link for TH12

3x Golem
2x Ice Golem
13x Witch
1x Wizard

How to: Get ready to learn the zapwitch attack in a fully accurate and condensed guide we'll be going over how to read a base for this attack the steps from beginning to end the army compositions. Let's get into it! So reading a base for zap attack is incredibly easy, you always want to look at it is look for a base that has two to three multi-target infernos then you also want to look at where the town hall is placed, the third inferno and the eagle, typically they should be in around a line to where you can easily remove them with the heroes and the log launcher now keep in mind that because this is a spam attack you will be using your lightning to remove two of those infernos which will then leave you with the log launcher to easily move through, typically you want to go through the middle of the base since it makes it easier on your witches on the flanks if you are attacking from one side of the base then you might want to consider bringing in super wall breakers or regular wall breakers to open up compartments that weren't opened up by your log launcher so if you open the wall it gives more free reign for the witches and the skeletons to distract and deal quite a bit of damage to defenses outside of their range now zap witches can pretty much work on most base types and anti-2s and anti-3s are no exception so let's start with anti-3s. You always want to remove two infernos that are on opposite sides of each other this then gives you an easy access to go through a middle section of the base but just remember that you always want to try and remove the third inferno the eagle artillery and the town hall so try to get something within a line of the log launchers deployment. Now anti-2s are a little bit different but they are still extremely easy, you always want to bring in super wall breakers or regular wall breakers for these type of attacks since you will need to break open the corners as witches work incredibly well against open bases if you keep them on the outside. They're not really going to get much since you're going through the middle of the base and usually a lot of those key buildings like the inferno and the eagle and the town hall are all in the core, typically that is the best spot, the best part, about it is you can attack anywhere and you can still get roughly some good value. Now going from beginning to end with this attack is simple; you're gonna start with your zap quake, this is requiring four lightning and one earthquake to remove a singular inferno tower, the trick is to use them around the inferno, where you're damaging the inferno and other structures maybe even possibly taking them out which can really give you some great and early value. You're gonna be using a total of eight lightning and two earthquake normal now, there are some variations to this which can make your life so much easier if both infernos are in range of one earthquake keep in mind that you can use eight lightning spells still but you are now using one less earthquake spell which can allow you to free up an extra spell slot for a freeze or something else and of course one of the best ways and it's though, it's quite rare, is getting the ego artillery with two infernos, it gets a really good value, since all you would really need to do is use eight lightning and one earthquake to remove not only the eagle but the two inferno towers depending on how close they are you could pretty much bring less lightning spells otherwise you can get some insane value with the lightning next is pretty simple you want to send in your golems, ice golems or whatever tank you're using, alongside send your log launcher in so it can get damaged and also break open the wall then send in your witches followed by your heroes. It's a pretty simple way to send in your attack you want to make sure that your heroes are entering into the base and make sure that what you're able to do is create a little bit of a funnel an easy trick of doing this is using one of your tanks alongside three to four witches on the corners and then of course you still want to use your grand warren ability early, you want to save your log launcher from any damage from rogue defenses because if that thing pops early you get way less value and you really can't do much now really after this point there's not really much that goes on you should use your king and queen ability when they're needed so if they're getting low on hp you might want to do that, of course you got rage for your cc troops to move to the core and preferably removing the town hall. All of these are going to allow you to get a simple three stars at the end.

TH12 Mass Dragon Attack 2022

10x Ballon
10x Dragon
1x Electro Dragon

How to: TH12 Mass Dragon War Strategy guide: Start by destroying air defenses with your zap spells and create funnel. Then, funnel your dragons in a way that they don't split. With your Queen, try to get down (at least) one other air defense. Use your rage, poison and freeze spells to maximize your offense. Use stone slammer to take down the others important defenses. A stone slammer with ballons inside is a must that you need to have in your CC. The army strategy link is just bellow :)